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 Polish Wild Mushrooms

Wild Mushrooms from Poland

. Polish Borowiki mushrooms - dried the traditional way

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Our Polish forest mushrooms are genuine Polish Borowiki hand picked by our family and local retired villagers in the beautiful and unspoilt forests of western Poland. These wild mushrooms will typically take us several hours to gather a significant quantity. They are then sliced (or strung); dried in limited quantities using the traditional Polish farmhouse method; bagged up and sold to Poles and lovers of Poland throughout the world. Pay for our mushrooms via the secure online payment system provided by Paypal. Mushrooms shipped to any address in the world using airmail post for smaller orders and a tracked airsure mail service for larger shipments.


Dried Polish Borowiki Forest Mushrooms 

50 gram bag ( 1.75 oz.) - $ 19 including worldwide airmail delivery

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 Dried Polish Borowiki Forest Mushrooms

100 gram bag ( 3.5 oz.) - $ 32 including worldwide airmail delivery

mushrrooms from poland


 Dried Polish Borowiki Forest Mushrooms

200 gram bag ( 7 oz.) - $ 60 including worldwide airmail delivery

mushrooms from poland


Dried Polish Borowiki Forest Mushrooms

227 gram bag (1/2 lb.) - $ -- including tracked airmail delivery to any destination throughout the world

Steinpilzen Borowik


We also have dried Polish Podgrzybek Mushroom heads available on a string.

And top quality Dried Borowik Powder.

By buying our Polish Borowiki (Boletus Edulis / Puccini / Cep) wild forest mushrooms you are directly supporting the continuation of Polish traditions and way of life. Our mushrooms are hand picked in the forests of Poland and then traditionally dried in a Polish farmhouse. They are available nowhere else. Unlike most dried mushrooms sold in shops and online our mushrooms are not produced or packaged on mass in a soulless factory. Ours is a truely Polish family cottage industry. Small is beautiful. And our dried mushrooms pure, natural and extremely tasty.

How to Use Dried Wild Mushrooms.

Meet some of our mushroom pickers and view some more pictures of wild forest mushrooms from Poland!  

Polish Mushrooms - ideal for soup
. polish wild mushrooms
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