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Podgrzybek mushrooms are sometimes mistaken for the probably more difficult-to-find Borowik (Puccini/Cep) Mushrooms, but Podgrzybek are a distinct mushroom and have their own unique taste and flavor. Our Polish Podgrzybek (Bay Bolete) Mushrooms are hand picked by our family and retired local villagers in the forests of western Poland. The mushrooms are then sorted and dried with great care by hanging around twenty mushroom heads together on a single string / thread.  

Customers may order and pay for our wild mushrooms via the secure online payment system provided by Paypal. Our Podgrzybek mushrooms are packaged and shipped out within a week of receiving payment to any address in the world by the standard Polish airmail postal service or via tracked airmail delivery for larger orders. In our experience airmail delivery times tend to vary between ten days and two weeks depending upon your exact location and time of year you place your order but can unfortunately take rather longer. Therefore please try to order as early as possible to avoid disappointment at peak postal times like the period prior to Christmas. An Express tracked postal service is also available at extra cost on even small orders should this be required. Please contact us for further details.


Dried Polish Podgrzybek Mushrooms 

50 gram string of  around 20 heads - $ 25 including the cost of worldwide delivery via Airmail Post.

stein pilzen 

Dried Polish Podgrzybek Mushrooms 

3 x 50 gram strings, totalling around 60 heads - $ 75 including the cost of worldwide delivery via Tracked Airmail Post.

Steinpilzen Borowik

By buying our stringed Polish Pod grzybek (also known as Bay Bolete, Boletus Badius and/or Xerocomus badius) wild forest mushrooms you are directly supporting the continuation of Polish traditions and way of life. Our mushrooms are hand picked in the forests of Poland, stringed, and then traditionally dried in a Polish farmhouse. We sell our mushrooms nowhere else and therefore should not be confused with the typical dried mushrooms sold in shops and online. We are a truely Polish family cottage industry, and our dried mushrooms pure, natural and extremely tasty. Contact us 

Sorting wild forest Mushrooms


. Polish mushroom string
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