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. Polish Borowiki mushrooms - dried the traditional way

Dried Mushrooms 

How to Use Dried Mushrooms 

To use dried mushrooms all you need do is add the quantity of dried mushrooms you need to a bowl, top up with hot water, and soak the mushrooms in the water for about 30 minutes. Stirring now and again. After this time you can simply drain the liquid and use the mushrooms as you would use fresh mushrooms in whatever dish you choose to make.

The liquid that the mushrooms were soaked in can also be strained to remove any sand and grit that may have come out of the mushrooms. This mushroom broth can be used in various dishes.

Wild mushrooms when dried increase in volume by at least three times once they have been soaked in hot water. Meaning that a 200 gram bag of most dried mushrooms will increase to around 600g or more once rehydrated.

Dried wild mushrooms should be stored in an airtight container and can generally be kept for up to 24 months. Although as we eat lots of dried mushrooms ours are used much more quickly!




View some pictures of wild forest mushrooms from Poland. They're not so beautiful dried but the taste of our Borowik can not be beaten.  

. polish borowiki

  Polish Wild Mushrooms