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Poland and Polish Links  

Links to good online sources of information about Poland or Polish

Poland - the CIA Factbook on Poland. Features map and brief descriptions of the geography, Polish people, government, economy, communications, transportation, military and transnational issues.

Poland - Polish national portal. Includes directory of Polish web sites, travel information and facts about the country.

Pictures of Poland - large and unique site with hundreds of photographs of and information on western Poland.

The Economy of Poland -up-to-date economic and political news from and about Poland from the Economist magazine. 

The Polish Embassy in Washington - interesting official site. Poland for American visitors.

Polish National Tourist Office - information regarding major tourist sites in Poland.

Poland's Holocaust - an excellent private website about both Soviet and Nazi terror.

Radio Maryja - the largest Catholic radio station in Poland. In Polish

The History of Poland and Catholicism - a very detailed review of Catholicism and Polish history

Polish - a very good resource for Polish as a foreign language

Learn Polish Online - useful free resources for anyone interested in learning Polish. 

Polish Language - free downloadable Polish soundfiles and Polish translation.

Polish Translation - an online Polish language translation service.

Polish - Lots of useful resources related to the Polish language. Even includes a free Polish translation section for short texts

See also Webrings. Contact us to exchange links or recommend other good Polish resources. 

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